Digital Archive of the Daily News

For more than 130 years, the Daily News has been one of America’s most influential newspapers. The Daily News’ famed tabloid style emphasized political wrongdoing and social intrigue (the Teapot Dome scandal and the romance between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, for example). The paper also found ample subject matter on the city level. In the 1920s, the New York Daily News was one of the top-selling papers in the country and was a major competitor with its even more sensational rival, the New York Post.

Today the newspaper has a circulation of about 200,000 and is owned by tronc, which also owns the Chicago Tribune. The New York Daily News’ AllSides Media Bias Rating is Left, which means that the paper has a strong bias toward liberal and progressive thought and policy agendas.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive offers access to digitized copies of the Yale Daily News, founded on January 28, 1878, the oldest college daily in the United States. This collection includes the full text of issues scanned from print volumes held by the Yale Library and a web interface that provides search and display functions. The archive contains all issues of the News from its founding in 1878 to 1996, with the exception of those printed prior to that year. The archive is freely available, and additional digitized copies of the newspaper are being made available as funding becomes available.

In the era of massive disruption to American journalism, thousands of reporters have lost their jobs and large areas in the United States are becoming news deserts with no traditional local media outlets. In Death of the Daily News, Andrew Conte chronicles what happens when a community loses its daily newspaper. He examines the changing landscape and its societal consequences in the southwestern Pennsylvania town of McKeesport. His book is a thoughtful and deeply reported look at the future of local journalism, and it offers insight to communities everywhere.